My First MacBook

When you look at a macbook you don’t necesessarily understand why you like it you just silently see the simplicity of it.

Gone are the multitude of ports, the barrel power plug on the side, the intense heft of a thing that really embodies desktop machine with shoulderstraps and gone is that weird nipple in the center of the keyboard you never felt quite right about using.

When the first macbook came out I remember a lot of people saying how it would never catch on, how it was a toy and how real professionals use Windows.

I remember the day I brought my first macbook into the office and the struggle to get things communicating in a very grey technological ethos, but it was a good struggle and something I felt happy to win, I felt myself riding on the next wave of technology and even though that linux terminal was confusing and alien at first I quickly got to grips with it and began to appreciate the sheer simplicity of things.

I’d no longer have to double-click, wait, click again, drag to desktop and then figure out where the files had been placed, I could simply drag apps to Applications and they’d be there.

I wouldn’t have to restart my machine 4–5 times during the day because the internet dropped and the browser couldn’t handle it, and totally loose my creative flow, I’d just get s*** done.

Sixteen years later and I’m pretty happy with how things have gone on, sure the usb-c port may be a bit of a shock but it’s just natural things will not remain the same. Even though my little macbook 12 may not have the screaming power of a quad-core I can get over that because of it’s sheer size and lightness, I loved my first 11" air and will probably get something this size again.

…though if apple happens to make some wonderful usb-c pluggable co-processor unit I wouldn’t say no.

hope I haven’t bored you,


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