This Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon is Improving Lives by Dramatically Minimizing The Appearance of Acne Scars

Patient, Colton 1 month after receiving combination acne scar treatments from Dr. Jason Emer, MD.

Many people suffer from acne scars to some degree. Some worse than others, but nonetheless, nobody should have to carry these scars with them for the rest of their life. Dr. Emer has attacked this problem with verve and persistence. His combination of treatments work together to stimulate and repair the skin for rapid results. In a sense, you have to destroy the skin before you can rebuild it. Dr. Emer has taken many of these procedures and improved upon them by developing his own techniques to leverage the efficacy of these procedures, resulting in an overall better outcome after just one visit.

1. Subcision

With this procedure a very strong and sharp needle is inserted under the skin to break apart the tethered scars and lift the surface of the skin. This makes the scars less noticeable and allows them to be remodeled during the next step — the CO2 laser.

Patient receiving the Subcision treatment for acne scars.

2. CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser used in skin resurfacing. Its effects are similar to those of chemical peels and dermabrasion, except that the laser removes skin layers by vaporization rather than with chemicals or a sanding device. It attacks the damaged skin while simultaneously preserving healthy skin. With this procedure the entire face can be treated in less than 30 minutes.

Patient, Colton 1 month after receiving combination acne scar treatments from Dr. Jason Emer, MD.

3. Microneedling RF

Microneedling RF (radio frequency) involves a device with fine needles that create tiny punctures in the dermas to stimulate new collagen growth and elastin. The Microneedling RF machine is an improved method of microneedling in which radio frequencies work simultaneously with the microneedling to create tissue volumization.

Patient receiving the Microneedling treatment for acne scars.

4. PRP (platelet rich plasma) also known as ‘The Vampire Facial’

Immediately after Dr. Emer performs the microneedling treatment he massages the PRP into the skin to promote healing and collagen production. PRP involves extracting a small amount of patient’s blood from their arm and separating the plasma (the fluid part) from the red and white blood cells.

See the entire combination acne treatment below.

Comprehensive video of a patient receiving the combination acne treatment for acne scars.

I’m impressed to say the least. Facial imperfections, more specifically severe acne scarring can inhibit one’s ability to feel confident, book work, and live life to its fullest potential. I say, If it enhances your life, confidence and well-being, then it’s an experience you can’t afford to miss out on.

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