The Evolution of MunchBox

From concept to design to code

The Name

This alone I changed at least 20 times. At first I called the project FoodComa for fun. Then I started to experience FoodComa more frequently after meals.. So I changed it to MunchieMeal, FoodBox, FoodTrucks and the list goes on.

User Stories

This was a personal problem I wanted to solve. I searched for current solutions but was unhappy with the products I tested out. Therefore I made my own solution. I started with a persona and had a few key take aways.

  1. Johnathan is a millennial who likes to try out new food options.
  2. Most of the time choosing a place to eat is spontaneous and distance is a big factor.

Pain Points

After making a few assumptions, I asked others for their experience on finding new places to eat. Below I listed some pain points from my discovery.

  1. Where are the Food Trucks? Yelp has incomplete data on a lot of food trucks. Some listings don’t have hours or addresses.
  2. One of the top complaints in the app store for food truck apps is incorrect information. It sucks to arrive somewhere and find nothing.

Iterating through feedback

Map View

Originally I started with the design on the left and made changes till the current version on the right.

I placed the buttons on the first screen based purely on design and aesthetics.

The map only shows currently open trucks unless the ‘discovery’ mode is toggled which I’ll mentioned later.

On the second screen I started to experiment with the idea of the ‘Thumb Zone’ and how users using the app with one hand would navigate through the app.

On the third iteration, I moved the menu and like button to show up with the pin the user has selected. I made this decision so that options are presented when they are needed and not when there are no use for it.

This also helps the users do the right things in the right order.

Closed Food Trucks

At first, I was going to have a separate section for all the closed food trucks on a map and a screen with additional information.

However, I decided to display the closed food trucks as a toggle feature for discovery experience mode. By doing this, the only list the user will have is the one that is generated based on the trucks they liked.

  1. Since travel distance is a large factor, having a list of closed food trucks will add little value compare to displaying it on the map.
  2. Reduce redundancy of having a list of favorites and a list of closed trucks.

To be continued…