Fayette County, Iowa
Cody Weber

It is actually rather odd that you didn’t see anyone roaming around Hawkeye. I just moved back to the town a couple years back (my father having lived there for the last 25 years), and there is rarely nobody milling about.

When we first moved to town when I was 15, my father went to work for Alley’s Plumbing & Heating which is the store front to the left side of your photo. The Hatchery, while a little run down then, was in full operation then and, I’m pretty sure, was still when I moved out of the area in the mid 90’s. I don’t really remember what the middle front was back then. The cinder-block garage building to the far right that you just caught the side of, if memory serves, used to be the Triple L garage. They used to have a beautiful Dodge Satellite convertible sitting out on the front drive access.

The Hurd Museum across the corner from the Community Hall and Post Office began being renovated in the early 90’s, but I’m not sure exactly when it became what it is today. I just remember my parents helping with the work to rebuild it. From what my father has told me, quite a few of the items displayed inside are things that have been collected from residents of the town as the years have gone by.

If you really want to see the town alive, try swinging through on Father’s Day weekend which is usually when we have our annual Hawkeye Fun Days.

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