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John Atkinson
Sep 17, 2014 · 5 min read

‘Healthy living’ has become a pretty popular term in the recent years. People use it to refer to different topics, such as healthy eating, fitness and bodywork. Anyway, non of them describes the meaning of the term fully, so I decided to give you a lesson on what exactly healthy living means.

This term refers to a lot of parts of ones life, if you ask me. It is neither just about what you eat, nor if you work hard in the gym, nor if you do both things together. It is a combination of all of the activities that you do in your everyday life. Healthy living is a not a process, it is a daily routine. It is everywhere around us, like physics. If you don’t move enough and you are eating healthy food, you are not actually living healthy. You are just eating healthy. The vice versa option also does not refer to healthy living. So, what does this term actually include:

Let’s start with healthy eating.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean eating only vegetables, or not eating fried food and fat and sugar. It means to have a balanced menu of fresh organic products every day. Yes, organic! No GMO, no chemically-processed veggies and fruit, no cell-grown meat. Everything should be freshly cooked and nice. The balance in the menu is very important. If you eat too much sugar or too much fat, you will start suffering from obesity, diabetes, and some cardiac diseases. If you don’t eat fat at all, or meat and nuts, you might become anemic. If you don’t eat veggies and fruit, your body will lack fibres and vitamins which protect you from hemorrhoids and cancer, and strengthen your immune system as a whole. And so on. I can go on with such examples whole day, but that is not the point. The idea is that a daily menu should include at least five different fruits and veggies a day (The 5 a Day Rule), some nuts (it’s best if they are raw), some meat, a salad and something sweet. You don’t have to deprive yourself of any of your favourite foods, as long as they are freshly cooked and balanced with your diet. Avoid eating junk food, and takeaways, as well as vegetables and meat with uncertain origin, as they contain a lot of sugar and fat, and toxins. You can read more about the food industry and nowadays junk food business in this article Conspiracy About the Food Industry.

And one more thing about healthy eating — it doesn’t matter how slim and well you look on the outside, because if you’re feeding only on junk food and takeaways, you are ruined on the inside. Cook your own meals and eat outside as rare as possible.

Bodywork or Fitness

It is proved by several researches that people who look fit might not be as healthy and strong as they think they are. So, bodywork should be combined with healthy eating. You can’t work out every day and eat packed and ready-to-cook foods, and to expect that you are healthy. That is not good. Regular physical activities should be combined with a balanced menu, which includes enough nutrition and vitamins.

By regular physical activities I don’t only mean working out in the gym. You might walk to work and back home every day, for example. Or work in your garden. Or go play football, or some other sport, with friends once a week. It is up to you what kind of activity you’ll have, as long as it is enough to feel fit and strong. It all depends on your work and daily routine. If you work in an office, you will need more exercise, but if you are in the cleaning, gardening, building or moving business you will get enough exercise at work.


Good hygiene is also essential for healthy living. And hygiene does not only mean to wash your hands and body. It means to clean your house on regular basis, too. There are some areas of every home, which have to be clean more often than others. Those are the toilet and bathroom, upholstery furniture, and kitchen appliances like the oven, fridge, stove top and microwave. The kitchen counters and sink also house a lot of bacteria and germs.

There are some surveys of world-famous universities, which prove that the fridge is filthier than a toilet board. There are more dangerous bacteria in a refrigerator than in your toilet.

Kitchen cloths and dish-washing sponges are also heavily infected with bacteria. They have to be changed regularly.

Hygiene is an important part of healthy living, and it includes all personal washing habits and all household chores, such as oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc. Make sure you manage these tasks on regular basis.

Greenify your home

Surround yourself with plants. Even if you don’t have enough space for an outdoor garden, you can still grow your own plants at home. Container gardening gives a lot of options for plants to be grown at home. You can even have your own trees in your apartment.

Houseplants will enrich the air in your home with oxygen and will remove toxins. They will make you happier and more positive. Moreover, the green colour is very calming and will help you get rid of the gathered at work tension faster.

If you have space for an outdoor garden, don’t hesitate to plant it with different floral species. You can even grow your own food, if you want to live really healthy. It is a real pleasure to get into your green space and to pick a warm, sweet tomato or a crunchy cucumber. You know that they are delicious, you know where they come from and that they are not processed with chemicals. What more could you want?! Of course, you can have your outdoor dining area, too, and enjoy the freshly picked veggies outside among all the greenness in your yard.

Try not to get mad at things and situations

Getting nervous too often is not healthy at all. It will be best if you start enjoying life and stop murmuring for everything that annoys you. Just ignore the bad in everything and look for the good. That is the only way you can stay calm and happy.

So, that is what healthy living is. A combination of your daily habits and activities.

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I am a professional cleaner London, whose mission is to make your lives better. I provide information about different types of home cleaning problems.

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