Don’t Sext Me In The Present Tense
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

You lost me at “ sexting with a repulsive and oppressive immediacy”.

You cannot write an article about the joys of sexting EXCEPT only in certain verb-tenses — other verb-tenses are “oppressive”. That’s absurd.

Ask this: in what “tense” do most people masturbate? Most or all, i bet, in the present tense. When we masturbate, we’re imagining what we’re doing right now, in the immediate. Not the past or future. Does that mean most people are “repulsive and oppressive”.

If you’re not sexting with a gleeful, masturbatory immediacy, then relax. Live a little. As long as it’s mutual, it’s not “oppressive”. And if it’s not mutual, why are you doing it?

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