Where ends meet.

That one day you wake up

and all the fears and suspicions come true

where all roads come to dead ends

all friends fade

all memories haze

all thoughts of the future do not matter

day to day of repetition

bask in diminishing returns

the world uncaring, tribal, deaf to compassion

the drinks don’t cover it up anymore

the drugs don’t enhance it anymore

where once was love is only a black hole

where hope of happiness was, only the recoiling disgust of another’s touch

another’s eventual dissatisfaction

another’s posited dissapointment

watch the tv stars with their pearly whites, perfect bodies, perfect hair

smell their stench, see the dead flesh rot from their bones

see the newscaster vomiting lies and spin

escape to realize there is no escape

hope to live long

hope to die soon

take solace in paradoxes

find safety in the written word

find horror in the masses

find trust in oneself

drink on young rogues

this one’s for you

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