The Day of the CSS Slides…

Once upon a time in a small room on the fourth floor of a banking building, there was class filled with coders who possessed great determination to learn CSS… on one particular day, they were required to recant the day’s lessons via a group of 19 slides they reviewed. One particular student, who jubilantly was still celebrating a miraculous Clemson National Championship victory from the night before, was on a mission to become the best coder he could be. One of the very amazing things that he took away from the day’s lesson was that using the new CSS column options — stemming from an incredible failure, he figured out that you can create numerous columns within an element, or consisting of multiple elements. However, when selecting multiple elements, these elements will wrap or become disjointed if the column height is not big enough to encompass each of the different elements. He decided he would further investigate to find out different was this could be handled — and found that flexbox might be the answer! But flexbox happened to be a little ahead of his ability at the time. It was a great discovery of enhanced knowledge for the future!

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