John Barley — How to Become a Competent Equestrian

John Barley is an experienced equestrian and a competent rider. He has competed with his horse, Regal Robin, many times. In the past, he has qualified at an advanced level and has completed Burleigh House Trials. Becoming a competent rider often requires dedication.

John Barley

The first step to becoming an equestrian is to work with an instructor. If you are interested in competing, an instructor can help you develop the skillset you will need. An instructor may help you learn the skills of dressage as well. Working with an experienced professional can be a great way to become a skilled equestrian and rider.

Practice is important when it comes to riding. If you plan on competing, spend some extra time with your horse. Not only will you need to develop your skills, but you will also need to build a relationship with your horse. It is important for you to know your horses gait, and it may be helpful for you to be able to recognize when something is wrong with your horse. Spending time with your horse can be a great way to develop this level of knowledge.

Equestrians compete in a number of different events. Three day eventing involves dressage, cross country and show jumping. Becoming an equestrian involves choosing a discipline and then developing your skills. John Barley has always enjoyed competing in events with his horse.