John Barley — Three Reasons to Study Architecture

John Barley began his career as a bricklayer in England. He completed an apprenticeship and began working for a major company. He was promoted to senior contracts manager by the time he was twenty-three and owned a company by the time he was twenty-five years old. Even though he no longer works in construction, Barley still enjoys studying different architectural styles and techniques. There are many reasons to study architecture.

John Barley

Architecture is a form of art that involves buildings and structures. Innovative architects have been designing beautiful buildings for centuries. One reason to study this field is to learn more about history. As you explore different styles, you may learn about the artistic influences during different time periods.

Another reason to study architecture is to learn about the uses of various materials. Building materials vary based on region and time period. This knowledge can help you determine who had a specific building constructed and how much it may have cost. If you are looking at a historic building and the materials were imported from another country, there is a good chance that the construction was sponsored by a wealthy individual and holds some sort of importance.

A third reason to learn about architecture is to improve your overall knowledge of structures. You may learn to recognize famous buildings around the world, and you may be able to determine when and how structures were built. Studying architecture has many benefits. John Barley loves wandering through old buildings and learning about architecture in different areas. He is a former construction professional who has a vast knowledge of building techniques.