Thank you for your response.
Eli Langley

Hi Eli and thanks for your prompt and frank response. Things aren’t perfect in the UK either but we now are seeing an interesting shift from discrimination based on race to discrimination based on religion. It is a very common misconception in this country that all Muslims are ‘brown-skinned’ i.e. of SE Asian origin, and by extension, all such people are Muslim and therefore to be feared or persecuted. The reality of course is that there are many white Muslims from Eastern Europe, black Muslims from East & West Africa and many Asians who are Hindi, Sikh and Christian but bigotry and ignorance don’t have time for subtleties and are very hard to fight.

“Don’t confuse me with facts; I’ve already made my mind up” is a very common attitude, it’s sad to say and we must all do what we can to spread the light of racial and religious tolerance

Very best wishes for 2016 and may you continue to write with such feeling and fire in your belly.

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