The Banality of Black Death
Eli Langley

I agree this is a powerful article, written by a brave and persuasive young man. However, I believe that there is a racial bias in the article itself that should not go unchallenged.

I live in Europe and hence I do not see the everyday events mentioned in this article, but my travels in and visits to many parts of the USA before I retired from a major airline did show me that the US justice system is much better integrated than the author would lead us to believe. There is a very high proportion of black police officers at all levels, there is a high proportion of black judges in the judiciary and similarly Afro-Americans are well represented in the Prosecutors’ offices. I cannot believe that these officers of the law remain silent and inactive, thereby permitting the inherent systemic racialism painted by the author to flourish. To the contrary, I believe that huge efforts are being made from within to identify and eliminate the kind of systemic racialism of which the author writes, in which case it is easy to see this article itself as being inflammatory and racist, which I’m sure the author did not set out to do.

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