This, right here, tells me everything I need to know about your knowledge of American history.
Brian Geddes

Brian, you’re full of hot air. You don’t know what Thomas Jefferson thought any more than I do — and one thing is certain, whenever someone resorts to insulting the educational level of another conversant they’re trying to bully a conversation their way. Won’t work, chum.

Here’s what I know, you Brian, don’t have an answer. You can yap about the electoral college until the cows come home but unless you have a solution you’re just another of the empty talking heads complaining about what’s perceive as a problem . . . but without a clue regarding a solution.

In brief, do you, or don’t you support one-man, one-vote? And do you, or don’t you have an answer for how to preclude three states; Texas, California, and New York from dictating to the rest of the nation because of their population dominance? Isn’t this exactly what the framers were foreseeing and trying to avoid? Either you have ideas, or you don’t, but just complaining is a waste of time.

In closing, with respect to IL, I know this; they have promised more than they can fulfill — bread-and-circuses — and are going to endure a ‘lot’ of pain. Why? It’s because the bond market is about to squeeze the living crap out of them, e.g. limit their access to capital. Won’t be pretty.

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