Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

I’ve refrained from buying a Mac because I’ve been perfectly satisfied with CS5 on a PC (primarily Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). Oh, and I never do work in a coffee shop because I have a pair of 32" UHD monitors on my desktop (and quite frankly, full-page magazine ads involve scrolling even on a 17" laptop). Where I ‘have’ fallen under Apple’s thrall is with an iPhone. However, this is more about the truism regarding software sells hardware because once my Mom got a iPad, Facebook became the defacto method of intrafamily communication. Or put another way, teaching my 80 y/o mother how to use Skype was a utter non-starter. My point with this brief screed? Even with the iPhone, Apple has given me zero reason to upgrade. For example, my daughter’s 4S hand-me-down is going on 4 years in my possession yet Apple still won’t offer me a new iPhone with an SD card. Worse, I still resort to emailing photos to myself because I resent being forced to use Apple’s iTunes cloud. Anyway, I sold my few blocks of Apple shares a few years back for a tidy profit and have had no cause for regret the decision. Mr. Jobs tapped his successor, and it’s been a horrendous mistake. And not because the guy’s gay or any such BS but because he’s simply got no conception of what customers want. That, and they’ve gotten so involved in playing GC (general contractor) with their new headquarters they’ve taken their eye off the ball.

My 2¢

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