Ah, there we go. That’s the utter contempt I could sense under your patina of politeness.
Brian Geddes

No contempt, utter, veiled, or otherwise.

Why do I favor the EC (Electoral College)? Simple, really. It’s because this is how you preclude one party,or a concerted group from taking permanent control. The electors are ordinary citizens. They serve once, are put in place by the states, cannot hold Federal office or owe allegiance to a candidate and basically are indepent — that’s the gist of it.

You seem to forget the states had to be persuaded to adopt the US Constitution. The Federalist Papers, each authored by Publius to cloak the individual author’s identity explained . . . and was the vehicleBut for doing the persuading. The trick all along was balancing the tyranny of the many against the few — and — to preclude a foreign interest from taking control.

Recall, it’s not like the states wanted to come together. They really did have to be shown why it was advantageous. Might we otherwise have something like the disorder of the EU, where power is concentrated and the states are unhappy , where one power, Germany in this case is boss, if not for the EC?

Speaking of which, the EC was not perfect as originally promulgated. The 12th Amendment tried to resolved the issues. It basically took problems in preceding elections to show the flaws and the Congress to draft solutions, and 3/4 of states to approve the changes. So why on earth would anyone — especially someone who is an avowed student — want to toss the whole thing?

All along my sense of your writing is you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter. You are unhappy at losing the election despite winning the popular vote, e.g. you seem to prefer a Democracy where total vote determines the winner instead of a representative Republic. Maybe you should reflect on the meaning of the Federalist Papers, specifically, No. 68 a little further and try to grok what the framers were trying to do in creating a perfect balancing act.

Finally, in no wise am I saying the document is perfect, nor am I saying it can’t be tinkered with (women’s suffrage, blacks being 3/5, etc. are obviously not in our nation’s best interests today). But the whole functions well enough that no one party has taken control and rammed their agenda down our collective throats permanently. Democrats tried recently. The Republicans may try soon, but the Electoral College will protect us in the long run.

Do away with the EC and you do away with our nation. It will result in civil war, and not over the issue that took hold during our bloodiest conflict, but will be the individual few, who collectively come together to overthrow the many. We are in a dangerous point where we have interests on both coasts balancing out the rest of the nation. In the hinterlands our roads suck, we have crappy internet, our jobs have been taken whilst in the big cities, we spend like crazy, the public trough is both deep and wide. Chicago, as an example, is destroying the finances of the entire State of Illinois, and Democrats resort to a few counties plus their vast majorities to hold sway over the rest. Look at PA for the perfect example of what’s going wrong as Philly and Pittsburgh interests generally override the interests of everybody else in the state. And now comes an ivory tower wannabe who wants to eliminate the EC and steal away the last vestige of the delicate balance. Is a corrupt politician like Hillary Clinton really worth our nation? I don’t think so. I voted for Donald Trump but had anyone else been in the running except Hillary, I would have voted Democrat for the first time since 1976. Sanders for example would have been president absent the corruption of Hillary and her cronies who manipulated events to ensure she was elected. The people bowed up and said, Hell no! I was one of them.