A Scientifically Proven Way To Reverse The Aging Process

What strength training and HIIT can do to make you younger

Reversing The Curse

I’m not saying that we can get rid of gray hair (if we have any hair left to gray). I’m also not saying that we can get rid of those crow’s feet around our eyes or the brown spots accumulating on our hands.

Lifespan Versus Healthspan

Now, no one can guarantee you a long life. Our lifespan (the number of years we live) is in the hands of God. But we can strive to improve our healthspan (the years we live with good health).

Aging Muscle — The Danger Of Sarcopenia

After the age of 30, our muscle mass begins to deteriorate. It happens to everyone, and it’s called age-related sarcopenia. However, for sedentary individuals, the loss of muscle mass can be profound and ultimately become a dangerous health situation.

Age-related Loss Of Muscle Strength

Muscle loss translates into a loss of muscle strength. Older adults can expect to be at least 20% to 40% weaker than their younger adult selves. However, after the age of 60, the loss of muscle strength exceeds the loss of muscle mass. This study concluded that

Why Do Our Muscles Decline With Age?

As researchers delve more into the science of aging, they have proposed a number of reasons why our muscles deteriorate with age.

The Role Of Mitochondrial Dysfunction

You’ll remember from high school biology that mitochondria are the power plants of your cells.

Strength Training Reverses Aging in Human Skeletal Muscle

In a 2007 study, researchers led by Simon Melov of the Buck Institute studied 25 healthy, relatively active, older individuals (≈70 years old) and 26 younger (≈30 years old) sedentary individuals.

The Results Of The Buck Study

Strength Increases

Does Stronger Mean Younger?

Okay, so far this study showed that older people even up to their seventies can recapture strength. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they reversed their age, right?

Mitochondrial Improvement

Researchers in the Buck Study performed muscle biopsies on seniors before and after a 6-month training regimen in order to examine their mitochondria. Previous to weight training, even though the seniors were healthy, their mitochondria revealed a gene expression that was consistent with their age.

The Mayo Clinic Study — Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Exercise

As I’ve mentioned, researchers believe that mitochondrial dysfunction plays a key role in the aging of muscle. This dysfunction ultimately leads to a loss of strength and endurance.

Results of the Mayo Clinic Study

The Mayo team found that strength training is more effective at building muscle than the other forms of exercise. That was an expected finding.

The Older HIIT Group Showed Dramatic Mitochondrial Improvement

While the younger group of HIIT individuals showed a 49% increase in mitochondrial capacity, the older volunteers experienced a stunning 69% increase. Combined training produced the least favorable results.

The Conclusion of the Mayo Clinic Study Authors

Dr. Sreekumaran Nair, one of the Mayo clinic’s study authors stated,

The Best Anti-Aging Exercise Strategy

Concerning the best anti-aging exercise program, Sreekumaran Nair stated,

My N=1 Experience With HIIT and Strength Training

Five years ago, at 57 years old, I was about 80% recovered from a 30-year struggle with CFS. I was also recovered from a two-year bout of severe bursitis in both shoulders.

Where My Strength Is At Now

After four years of serious lifting, I’ve graduated to an intermediate level. I can deadlift 300 pounds, bench press 185, squat 195 and press 105.

What About HIIT

Because of my past history of CFS I’m a little apprehensive of doing a strict HIIT program. However, lifting heavy weight for 5–8 reps is a sure fire way to get your heart rate in the zone. So I’m sure I’m getting some of the benefits of a HIIT workout during my weightlifting sessions.

The Bottom Line

HIIT combined with resistance training is a scientifically proven anti-aging strategy. Experientially, I can attest to that fact.

Retired podiatrist, 62 yrs old. Healed from a 28 year bout with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now keto & strength training. More about me: linktr.ee/johnbianchi56

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