Wrongly Feeding the People of God

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It’s a given that the Church is supposed to be responsible for its member’s spiritual needs. In a sense, the church feeds the sheep.

To be sure, the church is also to show concern for the physical needs of its members.

Churches have deacon funds that help its members with financial hardships. They have food pantries that supply food to the hungry. And church leaders often anoint, pray, and care for the sick.

But how about before they get sick?

Does the church have a responsibility to warn its members of unhealthy physical activities that lead to physical illness?


What strength training and HIIT can do to make you younger

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I remember when I was 15 years old thinking to myself, “If I live to be 65 years old, that means I’ll be around for 50 more years. Wow, that’s a really long time!” Fifty years is like forever to a teenager.

We’ve all had these kinds of thoughts when we were young. Our bodies were strong and vital, and we thought we’d never grow old.

The concept of aging never occurred to us. Oh maybe we saw it in our grandparents. But, again, from a teen’s perspective that age was far, far away.

But the years keep adding up…

The episode “Schizoid Man” wrestles with the deepest of philosophical questions

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Lately, I’ve become a fan of the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). Since I was a die-hard fan of the original series, I never could bring myself to watch a spin-off. After all, how could it do justice to such an iconic show?

Well, I was wrong. TNG continued the tradition of the original series in that it wasn’t just a show dedicated to science fiction.

It was a show that used the genre of science fiction to examine different aspects of the human condition and moral dilemmas.

Recently, I watched an episode of TNG entitled Schizoid…

Study reveals you can still reap benefits similar to a lifelong exerciser

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Okay, so you’re in your forties or even your fifties. You enjoy your time reclining comfortably on your couch after a hard day’s work. Perhaps tonight you’re watching a show on TV featuring trim athletic people scampering around, and you suddenly let out a sigh.

You remember back 20 or 30 years ago when you yourself were in good shape. Maybe you played soccer or lifted weights or ran 10Ks. You were fast. You were strong. You were agile. But that was in the past. Now you’ve consigned yourself to being a couch potato extraordinaire.

“What’s the use of remembering…

The scientific phenomenon of the Widowhood Effect

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Do you want to live longer?

Okay, that’s a stupid question. Of course, you do.

If you’re married, here’s an excellent way to help that happen. Make sure your spouse is as healthy and fit as you are.

Now, you might ask, “If I’m already healthy and fit, how will a fit and healthy spouse help me live longer?”

Well, if you have some years under your belt, you’ve probably witnessed this scenario more than once.

A spouse of an older married couple you know dies, and then within a short time, the surviving spouse also passes.

At first glance…

Surprising results of a Yale study

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How do you feel about aging? The answer to that question really depends on who it’s being asked of, right? If you’re under 40, this question probably seldom enters your mind. Like relationships, raising kids, and paying bills.

However, for those of you over 40 who know your body is starting to betray you, it might be a question that’s been entering your mind more often these days.

So, how do you feel about aging? Do you embrace the fact that you’re going to be a senior one day or do you despise it?

Your answer to the question really…

John Bianchi

Retired podiatrist, 62 yrs old. Healed from a 28 year bout with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now keto & strength training. More about me: linktr.ee/johnbianchi56

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