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South Brooklyn is quiet. Where there was once an endless chaos of cars and trucks rolling up Sixth Avenue onto the highway, now there is only the expected. The morning begins with a lost Leviathan calling in the fog, a ship coming up an empty river under a silent bridge. Birds come next, in this city of perches, chirping and skittering in the ivy outside our home. The next few hours are tedious with the sound of truck tires hitting a single metal plate in the street outside.

And then we hear the distant sirens, high and lonesome in the empty streets. …

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All the glamor of an office without the bad coffee.

I’ve been working from home for twenty years. At this point in my career I actually like going into an office once in a while, if only for the free snacks, but I would never commute nor would I go in if I didn’t have an absolute need, like a video shoot or something that required my physical presence.

Working from home isn’t for everybody, but it may soon be. Given the vagaries of real estate, the growing failure of office startups, and the general post-millennial attitude that a job is a lifestyle, you’ll probably be sitting at home sooner than you think. Plus, there are mass plagues that will kill you if you get on the train.

So we’ll stay home. But staying home is hard.

So how did I survive?

Here are few tips I’ve learned over the years.

Make a place for yourself — You need a place where you can go in your home. You cannot work from home on your dining room table or from bed. Never post up on the couch. Working from home isn’t a vacation, it’s work. If you don’t have any space in your home then go to a cafe that is lax about their loitering privileges or even head out to the library.

The bottom line is that you need a spot that is your own, disconnected from family, pets, and distractions. …

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The original “dude bitching about disconnection” book.

Two things made me start thinking about the current state of social media. Both happened today. First, my daughter came in this morning crying that she couldn’t access her account on Tik Tok that had 315 views and 10 followers. She had used the wrong email and was upset she couldn’t get into this font of potential virality.

She wanted the power back. She was frustrated she couldn’t have it.

Second, I saw this sodden, slow-burn of a video at HQ where the hosts got drunk and told the world what they really felt. …


John Biggs

Writer And Entrepreneur

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