Fuck your prayers

Want to know a secret? Your thoughts and prayers are garbage. A man hid out in a hotel room and sprayed a music festival with automatic fire. Fuck your prayers.

The answer, simply, is to get rid of guns. This will take a long time and it won’t be pretty but if we don’t there will be another afternoon when a man takes aim and fires at another group of people. And another and another. So fuck your thoughts.

“What about knives!” you’ll hoot. “What about trucks! What about bombs! What about criminals getting guns on the black market! Terrorists will find a way!”

Sure they will, just like they found a way to crash more planes into more buildings after 9/11. We didn’t solve that problem with thoughts and prayers. We acted.

You can’t get into some State Fairs with a knife anymore. Trucks? Self-driving will prevent that crap from happening. Bombs? It’s pretty hard to make a bomb that works and when it does work it maims, not kills. Criminals? Gun violence usually happens between people who know each other. I was more afraid of my 11-year-old finding one of my Dad’s loaded guns in his old house than anyone coming in off the street.

We need a total ban. We need a Port Arthur moment. We need to stop this shit. You like to hunt? Buy a bow. You don’t feel safe? See a shrink. You’re afraid of snakes or bears? Buy a hatchet or something.

Don’t take us down with you.

So fuck your prayers. People died because a mad man created a nightmare. He bought guns, stored them in a hotel room, and then fired them at a crowd enjoying country music. At what point could we have stopped him?

There’s only one answer.