Writing well is the best revenge

Amazing things happen when you write well. I’ve seen countless journalists grow into their voices and make real names for themselves thanks to their amazing writing. I’ve seen dead products reborn with a well-written email or blog post. I’ve seen folks like the founder of AdGrok build entire empires on a great news page.

Communication, as they say, is key.

I’m not a kind editor. I know when things are right and when they are not. I know what it takes to make a chapter or blog post great. I also know that I’m far from perfect. I’ve failed multiple times in my writing and I’m embarassed at what I wrote even a few months ago. We constantly grow when we write and we learn as we grow.

What is the key to good writing? It’s simple. Write 1,000 words a day. Use short, declarative sentences. Write in your own voice. That’s it.

Why 1,000 words a day? Because you need practice. If you can write 1,000 words without breaking a sweat, without feeling afraid, you can write long and you can write short. You can manage the short sprint of a blog post or the slog of a book. Practice makes you acceptable and then better and then perfect.

Why declarative sentences? I call this “Writing clean.” If you write short sentences you won’t get bogged down by messy clauses or needless words. Just write.

Finally, I want you to write like you talk. For some of us this might run counter to rule number two, above, but so be it. Write the way you talk. If you’re a happy person write happy. If you’re grumpy write grumpy. Tell stories the way you would tell them at a bar and you won’t go wrong.

I started Typewriter to help folks write well. I know that if all of you write better I’ll be out of business but I’m fine with that. My goal is to make sure I don’t have to read another messy press release or scroll through another poorly-written website. The world is an open book. In the end we gain the most when it is written well.