I Was the One Clamoring for Another Underworld Movie

Miss me?

I admit it. It was me. I was the person who wanted another Underworld movie. I just felt that so many unanswered questions remained. What have the Lycans been up to? Were they still trying to rise? What was Kate Beckinsdale’s financial situation? She could probably use another check, right? I mean, who couldn’t? Do vampires still hate werewolves, and vice versa? I couldn’t stand to see these go unanswered.

I was also the person who thought we needed a Bob Dylan Christmas album. Yep, I did that. C’mon, it’s Bob Dylan. How was it possible that in a storied career spanning nearly 50 years he had never done a Christmas album? We all (I) wondered how Bob would interpret those old standards, like Winter Wonderland and The Little Drummer Boy, but he kept us guessing too, with lesser known pieces like Must be Santa and Christmas Island. It wowed us all (me).

Fuller House? You guessed it. At first Netflix wasn’t on board, but they changed their tune when I dropped a well timed, “how rude.”

Trump’s decision to run for president? Nope, that one was the Kremlin.

Advocating for green lighting Any Given Wednesday? You better believe it, baby.

I realize that there may not be “general consensus” that these are “good ideas” but I stand behind every one of them. People get too bogged down in whether decisions are “correct.” It’s way more important to arrive at a decision and never back down, despite all evidence to the contrary. That’s called leadership.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk to E! about getting Chewbacca Mom back on the air. She’s got at least another 15 minutes in her.