Alex Tizon’s Brutal Honesty
Jay Caspian Kang

What an interesting story. I had the pleasure of serving two years in Korea as the US Army Liaison to the Korean National Police (1979–1981) and became immersed as any round eye could be allowed in the Korean culture and home life. This article brought back a lot memories. My stationing there came at the tipping point starting with the assassination of President Park, Chun-hee, a feeble attempt at democracy followed by a coup led by General Chun, Doo-wan and his ascendancy from Martial Law Commander to President, the 12/12 protests, and the remarkable transition to full democratic elections. And no matter how large those issues were, Korean society continued as if time had stopped somewhere in the 1500's. I don’t pretend any particular insight into the collective Korean mind. I do claim I was privileged to observe and sometimes participate in typical Korean life. And yes, I lived well in Korea and my home included an Ajimah who despite my many attempts to treat her inclusively far preferred to act reclusively. My home was a showcase of order and cleanliness. Would I go back to those days if it were possible? If anyone has access to a time machine call me. Elon?

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