Gold standards, principles, and a fiat morality

Pie-hole of an a-hole

How in the hell do people still think this guy is a leader?

Xir, Xa, Zi, come talk about Ru Paul with me! | Source

Which is to say, in traditional terms, it’s you

In which you read

Quick reflections while saying ‘good-bye’ to my twenties

This has nothing to do with Deadpool, but he’s cool and was giving a thumbs up so I thought it’d grab some attention ftw

Keeping myself honest—and showcasing honesty in an age of lies

Get’m Cap!

A discussion of using brains over brawn when confronting so-called Nazis


On keeping our propriety amidst outrages

Preach! | Source

How our marching doesn’t require us to trip over one another’s nuances

Let’s get crunk | Source

Or say goodbye to having a life worth living


John Blythe

Trying to make a dent while I’m here. Part-time serial comma activist and wannabe writer. Opinions are my own.

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