Just Vote Your…

On second thought

While some are saying vote Hillary because Trump is a narcissistic, egomaniacal, misogynistic failed businessman douche-bag (and then some) who poses an actual existential threat, others are warning of Hillary’s seasoned corruption and constant scandal prone career alongside the inevitable demise of our country by viz a vis her appointment of Supreme Justices—oh and Bill is a sleaze to boot.

Still others are rightly, at least in principle, saying to vote your conscience. Even good ol’ Teddy “No Seriously I’m Smiling Right Now”* Cruz said so.

Please allow me to posit that while this is generally a good idea to run with, it’s a pretty poor one this cycle. The primary reason being that we’ve seen firsthand that our consciences are broken.

Big time.


So let’s not vote our conscience until we figure out how to grow one.

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