Sorry Not Sorry

Guys and gals: I’m sorry to say, but I’m simply not all that sorry.

I’m not going to be bullied into liking one of your Clowns-in-Chief.

Not going to feel bad in the least for ‘abandoning’ the Conservative party that abandoned its soul for the sake of a win — which is quickly becoming a lesson in irony (or is it poetic justice?).

Not going to worry if I’m not seen as being progressive enough.

Not going to wax poetic about being a dirty scoundrel misogynist simply due to principled disagreements and concerns regarding a Presidential candidate who so happens to be a woman.

There are a thousand posts here on Medium and floating around the interwebz telling me I’m a bigoted racist for cutting Trump slack when he actually sometimes deserves it or an insufferably privileged white male for having anything less than uninhibited praise for #Her.

There are posts telling me to wake up. To not waste my vote. Tofuck [myself].” To which I can only reply that I’m already woke, no vote is wasted, and that I’m already happily married thank you very much.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry about not being your puppet here (“No you’re the puppet!”).

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for wanting ideas to win in the end, not a particular person for any reasons relating to their gender, class, race, or any other property they carry.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that Gore lost because of idealist Nader fans back in the day and that it may come close this election thanks to similar idealists (no, that’s not implying I’ll vote for Johnson, Sanders, et. al.).

(I actually am sorry that I had to give up on linking every one of these things that I’ve seen or heard the last several weeks and months, there’s simply way too much.)

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for actually believing in the course correcting nature of our democratic process, the tenacity of the American spirit to overcome hardship (even of the self-wrought variety), and a confidence in our track record—despite glaring flaws and enormous missteps—of finding our way forward to a better future.

But I am truly sorry you’ve become so jaded.

I’m sorry your cynicism has won you over.

I’m sorry your faith is gone.

I’m sorry that difficult seasons in our culture are seen as an antecedent to the apocalypse rather than opportunities for necessary growth.

And I’m sorry you will have to find something new to bitch about and condescend the rest of us with come November 9th.

But, rest assured, I have the utmost faith in your ability to find a new means of doing both of those things before long.

Because you’re pretty sorry.

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