Want to keep Your Roofs in a Good Shape for Years to Come? Here’s What You need to Do!

Residents of Alberta face heavy storms and rains, which puts an adverse impact on the house top. 
There is no doubt about the fact that a well-maintained roof can last for years to come. But to extend the life of the roof, it is important to go for the roofing maintenance in Alberta.
Here’s what you need to remember in order to keep the roofs in the best shape for years to come –
Inspect Roof on Regular Basis
Inspecting roofs after regular intervals and especially after a storm or heavy winds is must. This helps reduce the accumulation of leaves and debris that can cause damage to the roof. 
Clean Gutters
Clogged gutters can cause the problem of a wet basement. This is because the accumulation of leaves in the gutter makes the water penetrate the roof sheathing and rot it. Cleaning the gutters on your own or calling residential roofing contractors will help you in keeping the gutters clean. 
Remove Accumulation of Moss
With time algae starts to accumulate on the roof because of improper cleaning. Using of detergent mixed with water can help remove the algae without affecting the roof. At times, a lot of algae get buildup which certainly cannot be removed with the mixture of detergent with water. This is where you need proper cleaning products. 
However, experts know their job well and can provide the best solutions. 
Trim Overhanging Branches
Yes, you read it right! Overhanging branches of trees can damage shingles because of abrasion during high storms. Besides this, it also gives a way to squirrels and rodents to climb your roof and gnaw, thus resulting in damaging of the roof. So, make sure to get your trees trimmed. 
Prevent Ice Dams
Accumulation of ice on the house top can also cause the problem of leak. Dislodging the snow with the help of roof rake is the best way to remove the ice. However, prying of ice is a bad idea as it could damage the roof. 
Look for Damage Signs
Checking roof top after high wind and rain is important. This would help you detect curling, loose or missing shingles that need to be repaired immediately. Also, inspection of damaged flashing around vents, chimneys, and skylights is also must, as it can also be the reason of roof damage.
So, these are a few points that you need to keep in mind. Make sure to remember all these aspects, if you want to keep your house roof new as before. However, for quality inspection, roofing and maintenance, there is a need to hire professionals. So, make sure you have contacted a skilled roof repair expert of your town. 
The hiring of an expert based on the experience and reputation is an ideal way to get in touch with the Lethbridge roofing contractors. You can search online or take friends or family recommendations.