Non Grata

Image Credit: Lynda

Months back, I found it surprising that MailChimp was blocking accounts that were marketing crypto.

Sure, I would never want any greater fool out there being more susceptible to outright scams but there are plenty of newsletters that have demonstrated absolute value to the community and are worth the subscription.

On Friday, when I scheduled my daily email to go out, my account was suspended by MailChimp, the likely result of me using “crypto” and other persona non grata words in my messages.

As I wait for MailChimp to resolve the issue, I am taking a closer look at how other companies are entering email marketing.

On Monday evening, I’ll be at Bloomberg to hear Anthony Casalena, founder & CEO of Squarespace, and coincidentally, as a user of Squarespace, I also mentioned in the past how they’ve introduced a new service:

Add-on features, such as this one, are no surprise as it’s not a matter of upselling but providing more quality, complementary products as an overall service experience.

When I attended a Square ($SQ) workshop this month, the support team in attendance raved about the value of small businesses having reliable email campaigns:

2019 will see a lot of “tech” companies enter the public markets and each one better equip itself with a roster of offerings because being a one trick pony isn’t going to cut it anymore.

I’ve used Eventbrite ($EB) more this year than at any other time in the past decade and yet, despite its advancements with the mobile app, I would not invest in it.

I look forward to using MailChimp again very soon, but the company’s competition is reaching far beyond simply a user’s inbox to make an impression.