I have been Coding React for barely 4 months now and I must say I’m happy to see how I am getting along with it and every other thing to scale up my skills and see that I become better.

I have been on some developers group and have seen some code Newbies complain about their CSS styling not working and most times when I step in to see what the problem was so that I can offer a solution, I came to notice that most of the time they just mistake the React CSS format and then get the whole thing highly messed up. …

Hashicorp users meet-up was held on the 27th of April 2019 and was co-organized by Samuel Nwoye, a DevOps Engineer at SeamFix.

The Meet-up which took place at SeamFix office, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos Nigeria was filled with About 20+ attendees including DevOps Engineers, Front-end Developers, full-stack Developers, and UI/UX Designers alike but all came with a central interest which is the “Hashicorp”. Almost 30% of the attendees are presently Hashicorp users and the rest are either beginners and DevOps skill explorers.

The Meet-up’ s Theme was “Solving Devops Problems with Hashicorp Products” and it had 3 speakers which include.

  1. Mohammed Abubakar:
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Mohammed Abubakar, Founder of AltoStack

Who gave his keynotes on the introduction to DevOps and how DevOps can be implemented and adopted in Software industries. …

Learning new skills is intimidating enough when you know exactly where to begin, so if you don’t have a clear starting point how can you expect to get out of neutral?

This is a HUGE stumbling block when it comes to programming languages. There are so many options when you’re learning to code that knowing which language to learn first is almost harder than learning the language itself. …


Obiejesi Jude Chinweike


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