How Hashicorp Users Group Lagos Meetup Went

Hashicorp users meet-up was held on the 27th of April 2019 and was co-organized by Samuel Nwoye, a DevOps Engineer at SeamFix.

The Meet-up which took place at SeamFix office, Lekki-Ajah, Lagos Nigeria was filled with About 20+ attendees including DevOps Engineers, Front-end Developers, full-stack Developers, and UI/UX Designers alike but all came with a central interest which is the “Hashicorp”. Almost 30% of the attendees are presently Hashicorp users and the rest are either beginners and DevOps skill explorers.

The Meet-up’ s Theme was “Solving Devops Problems with Hashicorp Products” and it had 3 speakers which include.

  1. Mohammed Abubakar:
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Mohammed Abubakar, Founder of AltoStack

Who gave his keynotes on the introduction to DevOps and how DevOps can be implemented and adopted in Software industries.

Devops is building a culture in organization where collaboration is the main key in delivering a focus software. Mohammed Abubakar added.

2. Guy Barros

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Guy Barros, Senior Engineer at Hashicorp

Guy furthered down to explain concisely other product of Hashicorp like Vagrant, Nomad, Consul, etc.. and gave a quick sample of how to implement works with them with few added questions.

3. Samuel Nwoye

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Samuel Nwoye, Devop Engineer at SeamFix

Gave his keynotes on Terraform for infrastructure Orchestration, with an example to portray that.

The meet-up went down with refreshments for the attendees, more stickers and gifts to take home with.

And Finally a group Picture with smiles and Networking moment among attendees

All appreciation goes to Hashicorp Lagos Meet-up Sponsors, Organizer, and Co-organizers.

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