Learning new skills is intimidating enough when you know exactly where to begin, so if you don’t have a clear starting point how can you expect to get out of neutral?

This is a HUGE stumbling block when it comes to programming languages. There are so many options when you’re learning to code that knowing which language to learn first is almost harder than learning the language itself. So which one should you start with?. Recently i have gotten much questions coming from friends, and also people that get to know me from the social media platforms on which programming language to learn first to be a master in the programming field, and to be honest, most times i have that smile right inside my heart. Anyways…..

Today, i made this very article in other to give most people who wish to move into the programming/coding world a base of programming languages they can learn in order to kickoff their programming/coding career, passion or any other thing that is driving the force to learn programming.

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Programming Languages you should learn first.

It like depends on which field of programming you wish you dive into. Below are things you should know.

  • Web Programming/development

Under web Programming you need to learn from the basics which is the

Front-end (Client side) Programming


You ain’t going anywhere without learning these two basic fundamentals of the web programming because with the HTML structuring your web programs or applications will not be able to display meaningful thing. So i would advice you should start with these two and later move on to….


Javascript is broad now, not only a front end wed thing but wide enough that you can absolutely build a lot of things with it just if you know how. Javascript is another programming language you should learn as a web programming (maybe, mostly for your front-end (client) side programming. There bunch of frameworks which javascript gave birth to : JQuery, Reactjs, Vuejs, Angularjs and others but you need to master your javascript before switching to anyone of your choice which will also serve in what you want. Pray another powerful one won’t be out before you know it.

Back end (server side) Programming


The PHP programming language is a powerful wide ranged backend (server side) programming language i know.

So if you which to be a fullstack developer (working as a frontend and backend web programming simultaneously) then you need to learn php programming. Php is also broad that you can further down to learn it’s popular frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter and the rest of them depending on what you want to build.


Nodejs is a server side programming language which allows you to run javascript on it, and i must say recently nodejs is almost the talk of most backend developers i know maybe that’s because i know many Javascript programmers. Funny right?.


Asp.net is also a good programming language to learn for both front-end (client side programming) and Back-end (server side programming). For almost all operating systems.

I said almost all because i specifically know only the popular operating systems

Obiejesi Jude

Anyways i think i should stop my listing here and prepare the version 2 of this article where i will be talking about programming languages you should learn first, which will be made for people who don’t want to learn programming for web development.

So, i hope this article gets you right for those wondering on which programming language to learn first for web development/programming.

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