For those of you who do not know, the world of filmmaking has changed quite drastically with the introduction of the rather low cost (easy on your pocketbook) DSLR cameras. For as little as $400, you can get a decent refurbished camera that can start you on the path of…

Turning Design Over to Your Students

Just this past Friday, after only nine days of working with our team of fifty senior students at our school, my teaching partner and I took a risk.

As a graduation for requirement from our school, students have to complete a senior project. While…

PBL&J: Help Students Unpack their Learning through Assessment

We concluded our three day staff retreat yesterday, and I am exhausted. You can read in my previous post that this retreat is part of a larger block of time where we return to school ahead of the students to become students…

john bosselman

Educator, Designer of Learning, PBL teacher and coach, School Re-Design and Change, Husband, Writer, Reader and Thinker.

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