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At Tesseract, we’re working to create a technology ecosystem that helps modern organizations become smarter and better connected through next-generation robotics, 21st-century software, and radically connected platforms. Each piece of this ecosystem has the ability to produce huge amounts of valuable, actionable data — data that can transform the companies that possess it, making them safer and more fulfilling for their workers, as well as more innovative and more efficient.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Data is a precious commodity that must be protected from attackers, and each piece of an advanced technology ecosystem like Tesseract must be secured against intruders. …

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Adding Tesseract Prism RTLS to this warehouse can get it back up and running safely

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues with no end in sight, businesses of all types are looking for ways to get back to work while prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of their workers.

Some precautions are simple enough to implement, like improved sanitation and staggered schedules. …

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Real time proximity alerts with anchors and wearables

There is no question that the spaces in which we work are undergoing a massive shift. From adjusting to life with Covid-19, to the scaling up of remote work to the integration of powerful new technologies into our workflows, the offices and job sites we once knew are fundamentally changing.

As society reimagines how we work together, and how we can better connect our physical workspaces with our digital assets, organizations will need good data, and lots of it. …


John Boucard

John Boucard is a technology futurist / inventor specializing in high tech toys, robotics, and software.

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