The theatre of David Thomas Broughton

Narrated by the inside of a mouth. Ritualised gestures. Risk.

“Folk music” — what does this mean in theatre? Where might quoting/appropriation sit in relation to theatre? (see Kings of England, see Perform. Record. Repeat.).

Loop pedal as destablising rather than reinforcing? (we’ll see)

Nick Drake playing when I walk in. I don’t really like going to gigs like this (small, intimate) on my own. Role of community of the crowd/audience on music/folk/theatre?

Oh, I’ve just been given Green Party sticker. I thought it was a gig stamp. Feel slightly shanghai’d. Can I take it off without causing a scandal? What’s going on? Mustn’t grumble, could be worse. Is this the vibe of the crowd? Who bloody knows. More Nick Drake…

Gig narrated by my nagging sense of doubt.

Gig narrated by my sleepy eyelids.

I DO NOT WISH TO TALK POLITICS TONIGHT. But mainly because they might be right and I might be wrong. And I’m tired. What is the thing? The artist’s project money from the county council? Would I feel better if I could remember? Grrrr…

I wonder if it will be ‘folkies’ tonight. Realsied how down I am on audiences at the moment. Tired.

At the side of the stage, board games; Balderdash. Bored games. Ho ho ho. Review could be all this pre-show guessing.

Feeling awkward [ditched sticker]

Other board game: Downfall.

BUT: Bill Drummond score/poster on wall, no.13. CELEBRATE.

Yes. Good enough for me.

I have heard more Nick Drake in this 50 minute period than ever before in my life. It is quite good, isn’t it? Have three glasses of whisky just been brought on stage? Anticipation. Mmmmmm….whisky.

Must. Concentrate. On. Gig.

Another board game; frustration.


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