I cast my vote

It was an incredible honor to be able to able to cast a vote yesterday for the nomination of Hillary Clinton.
I officially cast that vote for the people of the second congressional district of Connecticut, but I cast it for so many more.
I cast it for my children and grandchildren.
I cast it for the generations yet to come.
I cast it for my ancestors, immigrants from Ireland.
I cast it for all immigrant people, whether they came in boats from Europe, in bondage from Africa, from our southern boarders, over the landmass from Asia, or elsewhere, because we are a country of immigrants.
I cast it for my Grandpa, RI State Senate Pro Tem James J Brady.
I cast it for my mom, my loving wife,my granddaughter, and all women, because the glass ceiling is being shattered and it is about time.
I cast it for my Union sisters and brothers and those not yet organized, because everyone deserves the right to Just Cause and Collective Bargaining.
I cast it for my LGBTQ friends, because love is love, and love trumps hate.
I cast it for the young Black Men of this country, because Black Lives do matter and all children are our children.
I cast it for those who serve in our military, our police, our firefighters and first responders, because you put your lives in harms way for our betterment.
I cast it for our teachers, paraprofessionals, school support staff, our public servants, our nurses and other healthcare workers, because you answer to a calling that comes from deep within.
I cast it for the laborers, the farmers, the fishermen, the office workers, because you build, you feed, you make happen.
I cast it for those suffering from addictions and mental illness, because their lives are precious.
I cast it for the children of Sandy Hook and Orlando, and so many others, victims of senseless gun violence.
I cast it because I believe America is great, and that she can be even greater.
Being on the floor on this historic night was incredible. I wish you could have all been there with me.
In a way, you were, in my heart.

President Bill Clinton said making the speeches is the easy part, but doing the everyday work is what makes one a Change Maker. I am surrounded in my life by Change Makers.
It was my honor to be able to cast a vote for you.