Melancholy’s Fire

Light damping mist

Aimlessly wandering blind

Noble spark seeking

Lonely in the dark

Building fires to warm hollows

Live altars built high

Reaching for yet hidden signs

Great funeral fires

Brief misty veil burns

Alll tinder consumed

Sacrificed morrow for past

Denuded wasteland

Foreclosed dream empire

Cursed joy, relived pain

Who brings these visions

Sweet cherubim or demon

Gift divine or plague

Glowing flames reveal

The smiling boy King standing

Atop Hades’ pyre

Faith in a child’s smile

Brief refuge of love and hope

The Bells ring three times

Stirring but not answering

What mars the fine dream

Quick relight the torch

How long did Abraham wait

What master so tests

The cock crows three times

Who taught the child doubt

Who pulled back the Temple cloth

Inward in circles

The clever mind again turns

Swimming in cold waterfalls

Drowning in information

Fugitive knowledge

Melancholy falls