Introduction of i-864 or Affidavit a support

Affidavit of support is a binding, legal contact between the customer and the United States Government that provide certain conditions, to economically support the person who is seeking a green card. While signing i-864, you are responsible for the person who you sponsoring in several circumstances. Some of the financial responsibilities comes along with i-865 (i) the green card holder use the certain benefits such as food stamps, temporary assistance of needy family or state child health insurance program (ii) have to report if some changes are applied before filling the affidavit form.

I-864 is the straight forward process and it is easy to calculate by using the sponsor’s income. The lawyer that recommended the customer to submit the IRS federal tax transcript and IRS wage transcript past three years. Two types of reasons to prefer the tax transcript are it is consolidated, they are simple to read. Suppose the spouse has changed job, they have to submit the proof to USCIS. They are a letter from employer provide the salary and the start date and pay stub going back 6 month.

The joint sponsor and their benefits

A joint sponsor can sign the separate form of affidavit and make the contract between U.S. governments and financially support equal 125% of federal poverty line. The advantages of joint sponsor must be U.S. citizen, the person must be at least 18 years of old, the resident of united states, the joint sponsor don’t want to be the relative for the beneficiary. Suppose you are unemployed, you will not meet i-864 requirements. Just meet the joint sponsor. It is the complex. If the affidavit of support form is not filled properly USCIS will send the request for evidence, it will delay the green card and occur several problems. At the time, the lawyers and their team will help. Joshua Goldstein lawyer and his team will help. They have experience to handle this process and help to get the positive result. The customer may contact by the social media such as face book, whatsapp, twitter etc. If any type of immigration related problems are raised, don’t hesitate to call and get ideas.

Immigration lawyer in Los Angeles and service

Los Angeles is very complex and confusing stage to play on. Whether you are actress, musician, model or athlete, attaining victory is difficult and having worry to protect yourself and family, it is equally tough immigration laws. Immigration may face the different legal problems related to the immigration status. Joshua Goldstein was the famous experience lawyer who can tackle the entire situation and have the excellent advocatory skills. If you contact the lawyer, can trust that they will receive the best support of legal service for immigration case. Sometimes it happens that potential delay and complication, it affect the entire life and finally you get the successful result.

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