Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

AMEN, Sister! A great deal of this result is a backlash to 8 years of a “black” President… who was kept from doing what he wanted by a recalcitrant and racist Congressional majority. 
There are other things that aren’t being addressed, as well: why are the big “tech” firms insistent on bringing Asians into the country… which is a “brain-drain” on those countries (India and China, mostly) instead of educating our own citizen-children to do these jobs? Why do the orchardists and farmers, meat-packers, etc all over the West prefer to hire undocumented Latinos rather than those from our own pool of under-employed/ unemployed citizens? It sure looks like they’d prefer a “legally subjugated” class, to maintain a servile subservience to the “boss”… with the added attraction of not knowing what “the help” may be saying amongst themselves (and so feeling more secure by virtue of their own ignorance). 
We got problems, all right… ^..^

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