Calf Training 101 — My Journey (Part Two)

Why Your Calves Are Small…

1. You don’t train your calves regularly.
2. You don’t ever train your calves.
3. You don’t train your calves properly.
4. You know how to train your calves properly but don’t bother.
5. You tell yourself that your calves are strong even though they’re small.
6. You tell yourself that your calves have always been small (ignoring the fact you’ve never trained them) so there’s no point training them because there’s nothing you can do that will make any difference. This situation is comparable to someone who’s never exercised or dieted claiming that their body, ‘just stays the same no matter what they eat’. 
7. You are unfortunate in that you have high calf insertions and thus genetically or ‘naturally’ small calves and have resigned yourself to a lifetime of small calf-hood.
8. You just started training, didn’t incorporate any calf training into your routine, and its suddenly dawned on you that your calves have been left out and need to catch up.
9. You trained your calves diligently, but gave up because you weren’t getting any meaningful results.
10. Insert excuse/ reason/ explanation as to why your calves are puny…

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