Housing with a customer mindset

Taking stock in the face of new regulation

Over the course of a few weeks in Spring this year, I had conversations with a range of Housing Associations all grappling with how to improve their services. I already knew from my own experience that delivering fundamental change to long-standing organisations is hard. There are many books out there on culture and change management that testify to this.

As the new consumer regulations coming out of the white paper and the new regulator for building safety are firmed up, it seemed like a good time to find out how we are faring in terms of listening to residents.

Change at pace is possible. So, what next?

Given the context, it wasn’t surprising that I found staff at housing associations are under a lot of strain. In often very challenging circumstances, customers were escalating issues “over and above what is normal” with increased backlogs and complaints. Trying to deliver change programmes against this background understandably has its own difficulties.

Two different approaches to change

Managing change in a time of crisis (like a pandemic) is different from managing long term transformation. But whilst the latter is designed to produce sustainable change, the former can also produce outcomes that stick.

Using a Maturity Matrix to map mindsets

The more I listened the more I sensed that some underlying themes were not going away and I began to understand better why people were doubling down on their usual ways of working.

Start with culture

Most people will agree that an organisation’s culture will determine to a large extent how well a transformation programme delivers on its goals. And yet I rarely see culture as a specific workstream in transformation.

The new benchmark for customer satisfaction

In looking at all of the hard work people are doing in very challenging times, it is good to see that organisations are transforming. Part of that will always be about improving the way an organisation functions.



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