Apple is wrong. Your iPhone is not a black box.
Blair Reeves

However, doesn’t the fact that Apple is not the object of the search request make this not a 4th Amendment case? The owner of the property is not objecting to the search, and neither is Apple — it would not try, ie, to prevent the owner from unlocking the phone with the password at the request of police or under court order. This strikes me as an entirely different matter of law. Apple is objecting to being forced to provide what amount to burglar tools, or admit to creating a shareable workaround for the wipe time bomb, which would a) subject them to being subpoenaed in every nickel-and-dime investigation in the US that involves a locked unit of the best-selling smartphone in the country and b) embolden hackers to relentlessly re-create the workaround, secure in the knowledge that it can be done because Apple has now proven it’s possible.

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