How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Former Insider
Tristan Harris

This article is very good and much needed. I suggest one important adjustment, maybe that is two important adjustments. The answer to the very serious problems mentioned here must not bury the problem deeper, or take the control aspects of the industry to a deeper unseen level; that would be even more sinister. By this I mean, solutions that assume the very powers that create these kinds of bondage should not thereby assume to themselves the right to solve them. Real ethics and people freedom and enhancement do not work like that. This would be the same bondage gone underground. Furthermore, legislative kinds of agencies like the FDA do not solve such problems, they do exactly what the companies do, except that they become a foil for the companies and also enforcers for those companies. When a freedom is granted it is not a freedom. The one who is granted the freedom is assumed to be in bondage to the one who grants the freedom, but the receiver is not aware of the bondage. The one who is granted the freedom does not realise that the happy reception of it as a freedom is, in fact, a delegating of personal authority to the one who grants the freedom, the right, the flattery. The receiver rejoices in the bondage as if it were actually freedom. Freedom is. You cannot legislate freedom. You cannot administer or control freedom. If it is a right, if it is given, if it is permitted, it is bondage. This is our social, political and legal world. nevertheless, this article is timely, and perhaps a little overdue.

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