Trends to Avoid in SEO

John Calvert
Feb 15, 2017 · 5 min read

If you want to excel in the industry of the SEO, or if you want are one of those who are interested in working in this field or Amazon SEO, it is good to know the demerits associated with the business.

New Advertisement

The famous search engine seems interested in innovative means of advertising or reaching out to the audiences in the best way and to generate authentic results. In simple words, if the quality of the ads is improved, the expected traffic will also change accordingly.

Role of Service Providers

If one views the strategies of the search engines, it becomes clear that the facility of home service for advertisements has grabbed the attention of the businessmen to large extent. This means that all the indigenous SEO cannot compete with the new developments introduced by the search engines. Another factor for the success of the new features has to do with the support given by the popular search engines.


One of the best ways of getting the pertinent information can be seen in form of the SERP introduced by the search engine in terms of an easy interface, which is run on the basis of the users accessing the authentic lists on cars. For instance, the review of different models, and the best dealerships available in an area are few of the examples. In other words, the new developments in form of dynamic interface and credit card friendly features are expected to increase in the coming months.


If one considers the innovative strategies utilized by the search engines, one may say that the consumption of organic clicks is increased in terms of getting the desired results. For instance, the popular search engine has introduced the features related to the flights and it has shown signs of success that can be compared to famous flight related information websites.

New Applications

In terms of the success of the search engine to respond to the new changes, one can take the example of app search service that essentially serves as the best way for attracting the users to the updated interface and makes the search for apps easier for the users. Moreover, another benefit of the app service is that one can get all the important applications under one umbrella of the search engine, as the users prefer convenience over going to different websites to access or install the number of applications. Though SEO has not been an app friendly business, however, the facility of streaming the apps may not directly disrupt the SEO. This is not to say that the functions of the SEO can go completely obsolete. Furthermore, another improvement in form of redirecting facility from the search engine to the relevant sites or flight related information can also save the time of the user and capital used to add new features.

Search for Products

If you want to get ahead in terms of anticipating the demerits of the SEO and taking steps to prevent it from becoming irrelevant, you probably need to know about the products of the famous search engines for ads. For example, the listing of the products is a decent interface, which is relatively simpler than the aforementioned features; however, the very simple nature of the features makes the ranking easy to do as well. In other words, it can be very damaging for the SEO. This means that the search engine can do well without providing or focusing on the solutions in form of new queries or problems.

In addition, some of the experts believe that search engines are close to coming up with features which would help the users to find the answers on the search engines directly than taking help from the additional means. To put simply, the different types of product cards will alter the way of marketing due to the availability of the option to buy them directly from the added features of search engines. In order to substantiate this point, one can consider the case of the product listings, which guides the user to buy the product via the search engine or chosen websites. It means that the number of product cards can be produced in large quantity which would make the option of shopping easy for the users and faster.

Improvements for SEO

Given the nature of the features and new developments in the digital world, one can say that the SEO industry can take measures to save the future of the industry in form of staying away from the new versions of the ad so that the time and money spent on the trial method is saved and used on the pertinent or favorable options. Similarly, if your strategy concerns with beating on SERP, you can reconsider it to safeguard your business from the dynamic ads. In addition, there is a need to come up with those options that can distinguish the experience provided by your business plan from the popular or better options in the market.

Innovative Interfaces

If you are wondering about the options which are not provided by the famous search engines or cases in which a user cannot find the relevant answer, there are some of the alternatives that can be used.

Voice Recognition

Though it is not easy to rate the query that is specific in nature or unique, however, there are various sites, which can provide the user better answer and service. For instance, the specific information or knowledge-based sites are few of the popular options.

Option of a Chatbots

It may sound new to some of the readers, however, the chatbots can also take the digital world to a new level, as it offers the facility of conversations. The main benefit of conversation or bots is to answer the user query in a more personalized manner.

Reducing SERPs

The emphasis of the search engine on generating authentic results is another threat to the business of the SEO. For instance, the option of blue links SERP is one of the features; however, the search result of this option is low.

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