Why Android App Development is vital for Mobile Strategy?

Ever since smartphones were invented, there have been numerous developments in the technological departments over the years. Competitors are constantly innovating to improve the quality of these smartphones and their applications. However, there has been a gradual shift towards the preference of the Operation system of mobile phones with Android given primary importance despite the widespread popularity of ios. Slowly a lot of businesses are now seeking highly acclaimed Android App development company to turn their ideas into revenue generating stream with the help of Android apps.

Let’s analyse the various reasons why Android development is becoming very vital for improving mobile phone strategy.

Popularity of Android Devices

Android app development is in demand due to the fact that approximately more than 84% smartphone users depend on Android phones. Android devices are less expensive compared to ios devices. This is one of the reasons Android devices are popular among the general public compared to ios devices.

Higher Market Share

Android has become a highly profitable market due to the tremendous outreach and widespread popularity. In the year of 2015, more than 84.7 % of devices sold had Android operating system. The growth of Android OS market has doubled in the recent years due to the proliferation of smarty phones in developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil. Google recently claimed that there are about 1.4 billion Android devices currently operating around the World, this provides businesses a larger user base which app development companies target.

More opportunities for Revenue generation

Till now the Android Market have astonishingly generated a revenue of $31 billion and $22 billion in profit. One of the attractive prospects for Android development is that there are multiple options to generate revenues irrespective of whether you are offering free or paid versions of the app. A free Android app will generate more revenues by offering selective premium features mostly in-app-purchases which users have to play to get the complete experience. In-app advertising is another great way to earn through android apps.

Branding through Android apps

Brand loyalty is something which can’t be purchased these days. It takes a lot of effort to gain valuable customers who are loyal to a particular brand. However, Android apps can help businesses get both the mind and heart share of the customers to build brand loyalty. Even big brands these days are struggling to get a grasp of a loyal customer base due to the evolution of social media. Currently, Android apps are helping corporate companies and other upcoming firms to emulate the brand experience associated with a specific brand.

The prospect of Free markets

In developing countries where markets are still building up, free applications are more preferred and usually have a larger user base. App advertising based on data imported through location yields greater results as it targets the right audience most of the time. Due to a large number of potential android users in the developing markets, there is always a good start for android app development. The huge customer base is guaranteed to give you success as long as you know your target audience and create products specific to their unique needs. The rising potential in these markets has to lead to a growth spurt of Android App Developers in our country, and this has enabled Android App Development companies to offer something unique

Final thoughts

Android applications are a boon to the current mobile industry. The overall increase in the number of Android applications is directly proportional to the overall increase in the production of Android supporting mobile devices. This rapid development has lead to a plethora of opportunities that can be harnessed through Android App development. This doesn't imply that there is scope only for Android devices in the market, ios devices have their own niche market segment and a selective group of companies always religiously carter to this selective markets. Know more about the mobile market segments and which is more in demand, Android or ios application development.