A Theroux Overhaul of Your Closet

It took me 18 years of my life to realize that I did not look great. I hate that it took that long. And it’s taken me another 6 years to really hone in on who I am and who I want to portray to everyone else. College was a decent first step. My mom wasn’t buying my clothes anymore. But living in New York City was the eye-opener. Granted, there are thousands of different types of style here, but each day on these streets is a lesson in fashion and style. You just have to slow down every once in a while, or you’ll miss it.

We’ve all seen movies, TV shows, magazines, instagrams, tweets chopped full of famous men like Justin Theroux rocking the hell out of bomber jackets, expensive denim, and accessories for days. We envy the lives they have, the women they bed, the riches they spend. Yet most men tend to overlook their style. Sure, we know they look good. That short-sleeved suit Rajon Rondo was wearing… (Not really. Don’t wear that.) Sadly, we just don’t pick up on these style points. Black on black, or brown belts with brown shoes. Stuff so simple, but so many men get wrong.

Step one: take note of your favorite TV show characters’ style. Their outfits and how they fit. The color schemes and layers upon layers. Why do they look so good? Because the producers want to sell the hell out of their show. And to do that, they need you to envy their characters. They want you coming back for more jealousy. So stop feeling like your wardrobe is lame and do something about it. Steal from Don Draper, or your favorite vampire, because we all know they are sexy.

The inspiration is everywhere. Don’t think you have to go buy a Thom Sweeney suit right now to get yourself started. It begins with the little things. A new pair of sneakers that you won’t play sports in. A watch. Every man needs a great timepiece. Or maybe just t-shirts that actually fit. Not that giant, hole filled grease monster you’ve been sporting since middle school. Baby steps. One day, one item at a time. It’s a long process to overhaul your wardrobe, but it is doable. And you will feel better not just about how others see you, but how you see yourself. Confident. Handsome. Justin Theroux worthy.

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