Despite the many wonderful things the internet has done for us, most people today seem to share the nagging feeling that something has gone awry.

And while they may not be able to put their finger on it, no one seems surprised anymore when a former Facebook VP blames social media for eroding our social fabric, or when we discover that we’re living in filter bubbles, or when Twitter confesses that at least 15% of its users are fake. In fact the only thing surprising thing about these revelations is that no one seems surprised. …

Before you start, please dispel 2 myths.

First, that languages are hard to learn. They are not. Everyone in the world speaks some language. And even people who speak only one language seem to have no trouble learning all kinds of things complex things, from mastering a new software, to deciphering social norms, to memorizing the entire NBA draft. People learn new complex things all the time. So can you.

Second, that children are better at learning language than adults. This is false. Children take much longer to learn languages than adults. We simply don’t realize this because we don’t…

John Cardone

Brand Strategist & Innovation facilitator. I help leaders gain clarity, harness creativity, and take action on their most ambitious goals.

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