IA#4: Museum Visit 1

Last Thursday (February 9,2017) we have visited the National Museum. It wasn’t my first time to visit the Anthropology, museum which showcases our history and culture as Filipinos, but it was my first time to visit the National Art Museum which is in a separate building. Since it was my first time, I was really amazed of the place compared to the anthropology museum cause I am more of an art person than history. There are many works of art but I have here the 8 artworks that have caught most of my attention.

Travail Immigree, Kalutasan (1981)

By: Edgar Talusan Fernandez

This painting is made from acrylic on canvas. As I look at this painting, I eventually saw the culture of us, Filipinos. Most of us knows where to go and what to do, but we still hesitate to do so. It was made in 1981 and during that year, President Marcos have lifted Martial Law in the country. That was a relevant part of history because people had their freedom and we had ours now as well. It serves a reminder that we should use this freedom to serve and love our country, without doubt and hesitation.

Mag-Ina (Mother and Child)

By: Cenon Rivera

The first thing I saw it, I was attracted to it since I like abstract artworks. The painting was oil on canvas and I love how each geometrical figures compliment the overall aesthetics of the painting. It features a mother holding her son and looking at the stars. I think it lets us look back how much our mothers loved and has been loving us still as time pass by.


By: Papo de Asis

This was made of oil on canvas. It’s a very complicated painting since it has a deeper meaning into it. Bondage means slavery or involuntary servitude. I think the message tells us how it feels to be a slave. We can’t move freely because of the walls and concrete that people have built up. It can also be an example of how we were used to being a slave of the colonizers before and how we have broken down those concrete barriers to finally be free.

Rizal the Reformist

By: Martino Abellana

This painting was made of oil on canvas. It definitely shows how we recognize Jose Rizal as our National Hero in his owns words and actions. We can also see his famous novel, Noli Me Tangere, which was written to awaken us Filipinos in our own faults and imperfections to revolt against abusive colonizers. It makes us remember the contribution of Dr. Jose Rizal, not just in the literary field but also in the independence of our country.

Mother and Child

By: Mauro Malang Santos

This painting was made of oil on canvas. This depicts a mother that looks like Mother Mary and the child can be seen as Jesus Christ. We can take this into our culture as we, Filipinos, are deeply rooted to our religion and how we deeply believe in the love and mercy of our Lord and Mary, Mother of the Church.

La Barca De Aqueronte

By: Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

The painting was also made use of oil on canvas. When I took a look at the painting, it was like a portrayal of one of the ancient myths and legends in Greek Mythology. It is seen in the painting that a group of nude men riding a boat are stopped by an evil being. For me, the message it delivers is about life that there are people and things that will try to stop us in our journey towards where and what we wanted to become.

Ruins of the Legislative Building

By: Fernando Amorsolo

This was made of oil on panel. We can see how damaged the legislative building was together with the National Museum and National Library when they were completely destroyed during the Battle of Manila. It makes us remember this tragic event in our history that made us lost our national treasures and important artifacts of our Filipino heritage.

Yaman at Lakas (Wealth and Strength)

By: Butch Clarin Soriano

This painting was made of oil on canvas. I was attracted to the artwork because I was fascinated in seeing abstracts in art. I see birds and an eagle in the painting. As what I can see, it tells us that we should dream even higher and have reach for the sky not just for ourselves but for our own country.


I highly recommend every student to visit our own National Museum to know more about our own heritage and identity not jut through artifacts found but also through the artworks made by different Filipino artists who have put history into art. I also want to encourage visitors not just try to appreciate the aesthetics of the artworks but also the meaning behind it.
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