He was wondering where this would take him…

This elevated state of consciousness had constructed something in his mind he hadn’t experienced before. He felt as if he could collect the stars which he saw in the sky and take them home. So that’s what he did…

One by one, thousands of them, he patiently collected them all and placed them in his pockets.

As he was walking home he remembered that he had forgotten to collect the moon too, so he stopped and saw it there — it was a fully luminous ball, and he grabbed it and carried it in his hands.

He got home and sprinkled the stars about the room and placed the moon on a string in the centre, hanging off an old lantern. And he lay in his bed and watched the beauty he had created, until he turned on the TV, and an announcement:

“Our stars and moon have vanished.”

And then it cut to footage of a boy standing outside in the dark, but for a small torch that shone in his face, and he said, “Please bring our stars and moon back.”

He thought for a while about what he should do …

Eventually, he walked outside into a now very cold night, and shivering grabbed each of the stars, one at a time, and placed them in their correct spots. They aligned beautifully, and with certainty they commenced shining. As for the moon, he kept it in his room but did bring it back the following night after further “thoughts”.

It was the best thing he’d ever done and perhaps will ever do. Or at least that’s what he thought, as he walked home sucking on a lolly pop from the local store, and looked up and around at the world God had created and should never be taken away.