The Global Community Of Youth

An Open Platform For Youth Entrepreneurship

John Caswell
Jun 2, 2016 · Unlisted

The Global Community Of Youth

A 21st Century Manifesto:

We are very clear about what we are doing — and that’s providing young men and woman with the equipment to succeed in this world. That means the skills, the knowledge, the guidance AND the support to ensure they live up to their greatest potential.

You may ask HOW we intend to do that — Good Question.

We are living in a privileged era in terms of technology and connectivity. So we are creating a network infrastructure — a global community of like-minded individuals and organizations. And we are powering it with the energy of youth, innovation and inspiration.

A Platform For Opportunity

We are going to join up existing networks and we are going to create new ones. We don’t mind if they already exist somewhere because we are simply bent on leverage and mutual value.

That’s because we just care about creating value for everyone — utilizing their knowledge, skills, expertise, and resources. This works because it’s about identifying synergy and the coalition of aims. It unites our passion through collaboration — all in pursuit of the empowerment, education, and potential of youth.

The Global Youth Community — The Network Of Networks.

A Single Minded Aim

Promote Youth Entrepreneurship

HOW ONE: Prepare the inner city youth to become productive citizens of society by supporting and encouraging them (by whatever means) to volunteer to assist non-profits, faith based organizations and their local communities.

HOW TWO: Educate youth in the critical areas of self-development, the commercial realities and basic business models, critical thinking skills, debating techniques, commercial principles, motivation skills, real world skills, finances, and home buying.

HOW THREE: Conduct a series of roadshows and collaborative endeavours — for example — ‘Youth Life/Business Systems Programs designed uniquely for young woman and men

HOW FOUR: Create the ‘Youth Network’ Support Cloud — A network of other networks and leaders from wherever they may emerge and be found.

Embracing — at the core — the businesses, the non and for profit social enterprises, the related institutions, award schemes, funds, initiatives, local government partnerships, NGO’s, recreation departments, faith based organizations, and policy makers. This is the platform — the mechanism that provides the supportive infrastructure for youth development.

HOW FIVE: Provide individual youths with a variety of educational field -activities such as farming, fishing, and horseback riding.

HOW SIX: Provide youth with athletic opportunities that teach teamwork, discipline, and commitments, such as football, basketball, soccer, and boxing.

HOW SEVEN: It’s a media centric world. We will provide youth with the skills required to produce movies, PSAs, and documentaries.

HOW EIGHT: Prevention through education. Eliminating the vicious cycles of teenage pregnancies, drug abuse, alcoholism, vandalism, and violence that are destroying the lives of the youth.

Measurements of Success

The success of the Youth Support Network Cloud will be measured by the following by way of example:

METRIC ONE: The metrics — numbers and quality of collaborative efforts between local community leaders, city council, law enforcement, non-profit organizations and the youth of the target area working to ensure the significant measures within their community — safer, cleaner, and more engaged communities.

METRIC TWO: The numbers of young adults enrolled in the program who have started their own businesses.

METRIC THREE: The number of regions (and units) where youth empowerment non-profit organizations have been formed to advocate on the youth behalf and where we will measure a significant reduction in young adults loitering in each of our target audiences.

METRIC FOUR: The number of local business owners creating internship opportunities for youth in the program.

Youth Network Support Cloud

Engaging Online

We will create an online directory profile for each member at our website. We will promote this widely via the key social media platforms — mainly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linked In where we will be very actuve attracting both the commercial and government world as well as our user base and beneficiaries.

Connection Strategy

Establish strategic relationships. Promoting our products, services. events. Sharing knowledge with a community of businesses and customers



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