On Valuing Youth

Provoking The New Era

John Caswell
May 29, 2016 · Unlisted

Chris, you asked the following 3.5 questions.

My simple answers sit alongside and then a few further thoughts. I find that some language generally interferes with my brain — and I’m using many words here that I loathe to try to get my points into shape.

Opening Comment

Valuing Youth — Value is a tough word because it has to be mutually agreed for it to be tradable — some of what we need is intangible in the early stages.

Youth has a massive traditional contribution because they are the next generation of resources but unless something happens that worth will continue to be used up in the wrong way. It will be wasted filling the existing coffers — instead of against defeating an inequitable debt we’ve left in place.

If we alter the ‘product’ of youth and direct it at better opportunities then that will change. The challenge is getting a movement towards the value we want and not channeled (as ever) into the pockets of the few who do not want anything to be different.

Q1 — What would the world miss without global youth community?

Left unchecked it’s clear that the world will carry on creating a greater gap between the rich and the poor.

Without a greater consciousness and collective endeavour the world would also miss the vitality and innovation that comes with encumbered thinking — thinking that’s not screwed by the systems and ideas that are (already) the problem and already suffocating our future.

Much of this thinking will be naive and poorly formed but at least it would be thinking. Something that’s currently sadly lacking or informed by minds that are already fatally conditioned by age.

Q2 What actions link global youth community?

I think it’s the vast wilderness of the idea of OPPORTUNITY.

Opportunity that’s open, accessible and represented as something that doesn’t contribute to self interest or harm.

My definition of opportunity is stuff that REALLY needs doing and that is accessible and possible for the audience to get involved with. I don’t know how this would work but think ‘speed dating’ for the future. (The future of everything/anything)

Imagine if we could create a new economy — ‘a currency of opportunity’ — a bank of value for youth — in favour of a more equitable planet.

Let the youth, who are already well capable of learning and deploying both digital and analogue ideas, come up with the new Applications built onto the platform of opportunity described below.

Let us help them with whatever tools we can give them to enable that outcome and get out of their way

Q3 A transparent member and partnership architecture?

We definitely need new language here.

I don’t see youth — or even whatever ‘global youth’ means — as a collective; wanting to belong (membership) in the way that that idea sounds to us.

I do see global individuals joining forces to change the way the future looks to them right now. And when they get wind of a genuine ‘place to do that then it can create wildfire. We should most certainly point them to the great examples and role models that exist — as in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

If there is a platform for opportunity — and all the opportunities are registered there (a bank of opportunities) — it needs to have few if any encumbrances — anything that suggest our old capitalist system or any of us. It has to be free and of the commons. Blockchain.

This new currency has to be free to be traded.

Q3a How do we select partnerships?

IMO — we don’t — as Buckminster Fuller said —

You have to create a whole new system. By partners I can see all businesses that give a damn wanting to invest or contribute ‘opportunity as a currency’ — they will be obliged to. They will be embarrassed into it as they are beginning to be right now.

Youth is going to be the next generation anyway. Can we really suggest to them the idea of a global community — one that they would actually join? We need them to identify the apps — form the links and make that a natural movement. I believe this has to carry it’s own momentum, develop its own velocity.

From all my dealings with youth (on many continents)one common truth emerges:

Young people are desperate to be involved in the world they (may) have heard about — but many of them only see what’s within their immediate worldview.

The Era Of Youth:

Collecting The Math:

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