Subway Surfers new game

Jetpack in the game Subway Surfers which allows you to fly over all the trains and gather a trail of cash along the way.
Super Sneakers will make your person run faster than regular, and will select up any cash below them.

Coin Magnet will gather all the coins inside the location round you.

2X Multiplier will double your rating at the same time as it’s far lively.

All of those strength-usahandiest remaining a constrained time, so ensure you’re taking benefit of them at the same time as they’re lively. For extra records on Power-ups, use our manual to Subway Surfer Power-ups.

Bump Into Barriers

Jump early or bounce overdue and you’ll come across the crimson and white barriers without being caught by way of the inspector and his canine.

Friend Runs Subway Surfers

A cool manner to make greater coins is through having your friends run so you can earn extra money. For each 50 buddy runs, you will earn a coin bag with treasured coins interior.

Mega Headstart Subway Surfers

If you cause the Mega Headstart as soon as your mission starts offevolved you may at once be launched into the sky and get an easy ten thousand+ points while not having to leap or roll.

Bouncy footwear

When you have got bouncy footwear and you are in the air you can wipe twice and when you come go into reverse you’ll soar twice.

Collecting coins without problems

You simply want to go to the boosts after which click at the mystery field alternative and click subway Surfers. You will see cash like 5,000, 200, 500, and many others, but if you’re fortunate you may get a hundred,000 coins.


Subway Surfers cheats hack video games nonstop runners are plenty of players favourite, Subway Surfers sport tells the tale of Jake playfully love the artwork of avenue portray, subway station is the place where talent boy but, due to the fact or graffiti and the carriages that he has been denied safety chasing fats, and non-stop race also starts from right here.

Some functions in the Subway Surfers

Missions positioned pinnacle left display screen is the mission you need to complete the game Subway Surfers. Each mission contains the goal item and the quantity of the praise is displayed whilst you click on on the Mission. You can handiest do different obligations whilst surpassed the previous mission or omitted via the software mission buy.

Daily Challenge every day responsibilities in Subway Surfers is the type of project time limit of 24 hours. Once you’ve got completed the project you need to attend after the timer for 00 to keep to play this kind of venture.

Hoverboard: skateboard likely shield you towards collisions in 30 seconds. Touch 2 times to set off the skis whilst strolling. Note, you could most effective use the available quantity hoverboard or you can purchase immediately when tapping the home display proper skis.

Touch to visit audio settings, reminders, log in Facebook …
Weekly Hunt will vary in every model of the Subway Surf replace, you can accomplish this task sorts inside the days or perhaps weeks to win the important thing awards, skis or mystical container.

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